Cernăuţi (Romanian), Cernovicy (German, alternate transliteration from the Ukrainian Cyrillic), Cernowitz (Yiddish, alternate form), Čérnivci (Ukrainian, 2nd most common Roman transliteration), Černivcy (Ukrainian, alternate transliteration), Černovce (Russian, alternate transliteration), Černovcy (Russian, alternate transliteration), Černovice (Czech, Slovak), Chernivci (Ukrainian, alternate transliteration), Chernivcy (Ukrainian, alternate transliteration), Chernivtcy (Ukrainian, alternate transliteration), Chernivtsi - Чернівці (Ukrainian, commonest English transliteration), Chernovcy (Russian, alternate transliteration), Chernovicy (Yiddish, alternate Roman transliteration of the Russian Cyrillic form), Chernovits (Yiddish, alternate transliteration), Chernovitse (Yiddish, rare transliteration into Roman script of the Ukrainian Cyrillic transliteration), Chernovitsy - Черновицы (Russian before 1944; Yiddish, rare alternate transliteration), Chernovitz (Yiddish, alternate form), Chernovtsy - Черновцы (Russian), Chernowitz (Yiddish, alternate transliteration), Csernivci (Hungarian, alternate transliteration from the current Ukrainian Cyrillic name), Csernovic (Hungarian), Csernyivci (Hungarian, transliteration from the current Ukrainian Cyrillic name), Czernovicensia (Latin, ecclesiastical), Czerniowce (Polish), Czernovitz (Yiddish, alternate transliteration), Czernowitz (German), Tchernowcy (Yiddish, transliteration from the Russian Cyrillic form), Tjernivtsi (Norwegian, Swedish, transliterated from the Ukrainian Cyrillic original), Tscherniwzi (German, transliteration from the Ukrainian Cyrillic, from German version of 'Yurij Fedkovytsch Czernowitzer Nationaler Universität', i.e. 'Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University' website, 2005), Tschernovits (Yiddish, alternate trasliteration), Tschernowitz (German), Tshernevits (Yiddish, alternate transliteration), Tshernovits - טשערנאָוויץ (Yiddish, current standard transliteration)

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